Let Us Brighten Your Nights!

Experience smart illumination with the Night Torch. Featuring a magnetic base for easy placement, an intelligent photosensor that adapts to light conditions, and an infrared sensor for motion detection, this versatile light keeps you safe and energy-efficient. With a switch for On, Off, and Sensory Mode, it offers ultimate control and convenience. Recharge just four times a year for effortless, reliable lighting.

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Made With Smart Technology

This is no ordinary night light. It elegantly adapts to your environment, illuminating in darkness and conserving energy in brightness. With its smart design, it requires just four recharges a year.


Magnetic Convenience

The Night Light features a built-in magnetic base, allowing you to effortlessly attach it to any metal surface. Whether you're placing it on a refrigerator, metal shelf, or even a toolbox, the strong magnet ensures it stays securely in place, providing versatile and convenient lighting exactly where you need it.

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Intelligent Photosensor

Designed with a sophisticated photosensor, the Night Light automatically adapts to ambient light conditions. It illuminates in darkness and conserves energy in bright environments. This intelligent feature ensures your surroundings are perfectly lit without any manual adjustments, offering a seamless and intuitive lighting experience.

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Infrared Motion Detection

Equipped with an advanced infrared sensor, the Night Light detects human presence and illuminates your path as you approach. This motion-activated feature enhances safety and convenience, making it ideal for hallways, staircases, and bedrooms. The light turns on only when needed, ensuring efficient energy use while providing optimal visibility.

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Versatile Switch

For added flexibility, the Night Light comes with a switch that allows you to choose between three modes: On, Off, and Sensory Mode. This enables you to keep the light continuously on, turn it off completely, or activate the smart sensory mode to automatically adjust to your environment. This versatile feature ensures that you have complete control over your lighting preferences.

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